Construction in US refers to putting up a structure from scratch which means the foundation, the walls, the roofing etc. whereas renovation in US means repairing or rebuilding an already built structure. This is an established and growing industry due to the economical growth and the need for modification of older building to fit the new law requirements. Besides renovations are being done both commercially and at home owner’s level owing to new trends and the natural tear and wear. The renovation in US industry is quite huge since Americans are investing almost $360 billion in remodeling of their homes but the labor requirement will differ depending on a projects size and requirement.

What to Look for in a Renovation and Construction Company

When trying to choose a renovation and construction company, there are pertinent question that would guide you to the right direction. The first question that would need answering by the company is whether they are licensed to work in your state. Secondly find out if they carry liability and workers compensation together with their subcontractors. Thirdly ask whether the company is certified in lead-safe work practices and what warranty they offer on their work. Ask to see their contracts to see the services that are offered. Get to find out who the project manager is and find out whether he is on sight all day.

Ask who their subcontractors are and whether they have their construction crew. Get the time frame they are offering, their suppliers, their payment schedule and who will take you through the design and selections. All these are points that will guide an individual when choosing a construction and renovation company in US, but most importantly ask for references of similar projects.

Cost of Constructing and Renovating in US

When planning renovation and construction a few things are put into consideration the cost of labor and the cost of material. If renovating then the cost of demolition is also factored in and on average for a house that is 1500 square feet the cost would be between $600 and $700. More so the cost of permits should be factored in since they are a mandatory requirement for anyone taking on a construction or renovation project. The average cost of a building permit is $853 but most home owners will spend between $366 and $1,340.

Facts about Construction and Renovation in US

A fascinating fact is that the Usdan University Center uses sensors in determining the real intensity of light in a specific area and in turn can modulate this lighting to maintain the same strength. The same system can control the shades depending on the exterior conditions to modulate. There is a tax exempt for the purchasing of construction and renovation material as well as services to contractors of consular and diplomatic premises. However before the foreign missions approves this privilege the requester is expected to provide an official written confirmation from the sending state that they are going to grant the reciprocal purchasing agent arrangement when requested.